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“We’re the only company in the world that makes a full range of bikes and equipment that covers the rider 360 degrees head to toe”. “...finding new and innovative ways to help people enjoy whatever kind of riding they do is the whole reason we are in business.”

“We are Canadian!... Designed and Tested in Canada... The varied topography that makes up our vast Canadian landscape inspires us and shapes our view of the world.. Our backyard is one of the toughest testing grounds in the world...”

“The Rocky Mountain Development Centre is nestled at the foot of the Vancouver's North Shore mountains, home to some of the world's most diverse and rugged terrain. We've been developing high performance mountain bikes here since 1981.
Many things have changed since we first opened our doors, but our product developers, engineers, marketing nerds, salespeople, and athletes are still a tight-knit crew that works and plays in these mountains. From local trail days to backcountry adventures, we're all here for a reason: we love mountain biking."

“Taking inspiration from its Italian roots, Miele is rapidly moving toward the future, bringing along images of the outdoors and the prospect of doing things a bit differently. With modern and unique color combinations, Miele bicycles stand out along the road for their originality. After over 30 years, Miele is still leading the way, and the philosophy of always looking at things from a different angle still motivates the Miele team. It is for this reason that the design and layout of our bikes are made with pride here in Canada, by a passionate team. At Miele, we are passionate about bicycles and we hope that you feel this same passion when you ride our bicycles. What could be better than discovering the pleasures of life on two wheels and all the freedom that it entails?."


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