Humble Beginnings

Oakville Cycle & Sports started with humble beginnings back in the 80's. At the time, our focus was a combination of bikes, hockey & figure skating equipment. With the advent of big box retailers, the Ashdown's realized that to thrive, they needed to specialize. They decided to focus on what they knew best: cycling. (Bicycles were part of Noel’s family history — his dad owned a number of cycle shops around the GTA when he was growing up.) The decision paid off; today Oakville Cycle & Sports is an award-winning destination for serious cyclists looking for expert advice and top-notch service.

Something for Everyone

Despite all their growth, Susan says “we still think of ourselves as a mom-and-pop store.” She explains that they don’t focus only on high-end bikes: “We know how we got here: it was by servicing everybody. We never wanted to become an exclusive boutique.” They still offer “something for everyone in the family,” from tricycles for toddlers to three-wheelers for seniors. Moderately priced road bikes are displayed alongside serious, carbon-framed, electronic models that can cost up to $12,000. Noel confesses his favourite customers are kids. “It’s fun selling the higher-end bikes too, but I get a bigger kick out of the little guys. I love seeing how excited they get.”

Service with a Smile

Why buy a bike from Oakville Cycle when there are so many other choices? It’s all about service, explains Noel. “When you buy from us, we make sure you get the right bike. We ensure it’s fitted properly and sized correctly. It’s always serviced before it leaves the store and we look after the bike with our warranties.” Any service that might be required, even down the road, happens on-site with their expert technicians. Susan is proud of the intensive education their staff undergoes in order to understand the proper way to fit a bike to its rider. “When someone leaves here after buying a bike my first thought is ‘I know they got the right bike.’ I know they got fitted properly and they always walk out with a big smile. We really want to give people the service they deserve.”
This attention to detail has earned Oakville Cycle a lasting, loyal clientele. “Some customers came here to get their first bike and now they come in to get bikes for their own kids. It makes me feel a bit old sometimes,” laughs Susan, “but it’s really neat because it reminds me that we are not just a bike store. We’re a lot more than that.”